BytBots Day Night Sensor (BQS-301)

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  • The device automatically controls lighting or electrical equipment based on ambient light levels
  • It operates on a 230V power supply.
  • During the day, the LDR sensor’s resistance decreases with increased ambient light.
  • The load remains on during nighttime hours due to the LDR sensor’s high resistance.
  • Provides hands-free and energy-efficient lighting control for outdoor applications.


Technical Details

Product description

The 230V Auto Day/Night On & Off Photocell is an electrical device designed to automatically control the operation of lighting or other electrical equipment based on ambient light levels. The main component of this device is the Light-Dependent Resistor (LDR) sensor. The LDR sensor is a light-sensitive resistor that changes its resistance in response to the amount of light falling on it. During the daytime when there is sufficient natural light, the LDR sensor’s resistance decreases due to the intensity of the light. Conversely, during nighttime or low-light conditions, the resistance of the LDR sensor increases. The device is typically installed outdoors or in locations where automatic lighting control is desired. It is often used for streetlights, garden lights, security lights, and other applications where you want the lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn without any manual intervention.


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BytBots Day Night Sensor (BQS-301)

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